Golden rules for trading in stock market Nepal


1) Look at good management

Every investor should invest in a company with good and transparent management. Different aspects are connected to become a company. All these aspects should be considered before investing. It is necessary to emphasize the quality aspects of the company. To pay attention not only to the share price but also to the management of the company.

Management should be honest with the shareholders. Investors should also pay attention to what kind of product the management is expanding, whether it is performing better than the competitors. If there is a company with good, transparent and honest management, it would be appropriate to invest in such company for 10-15 years and its a golden rules for trading

2) To invest for long term.

Best golden rules for trading to Invest for of long-term investment. It takes time for companies to grow and mature. He said that long-term investment would be beneficial as fluctuations are a natural feature of the market. If you don’t pay attention to the price fluctuations, you will suffer a loss.

However, market fluctuations do not make much difference in long-term investments, although such fluctuations are likely to occur in the short term. Have to understands that long-term investment is needed to maximize profits from the stock market. It would be appropriate to invest in the share market by planning for a minimum period of 5 years.

3) Have a balanced view

Stressed the need for investors to have a balanced view on market fluctuations and bull and beer trends. Being overly optimistic when the market is up and being extremely pessimistic when the market is down can be fatal. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. The market continues to fluctuate. Therefore, he says, one should invest with confidence.

Have to build a balanced portfolio with a long-term plan. No one can predict exactly what will happen in the stock market tomorrow. As the stock market is an area for making money by investing, the investor’s point of view also plays a big role. Therefore, investors to have a balanced approach.

4) Not to make share market the basis for daily livelihood

Should not rely on the stock market for his daily livelihood. He says it would be appropriate to invest in the stock market as it is an alternative source of income. If there is other source of income, it is possible to withstand the fluctuations in the share market and it is also easy to work as an active trader.

Some investors pour large sums of money into the market without a regular source of income. Due to which many have lost their property. Also, in such a case, the debt burden is likely to increase. Therefore, there should be other sources of regular income. The stock market should also be made an alternative means of earning.


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