How to Invest in Nepal Share Market ?


3 ways to invest in Nepal Share Market

1. Invest on IPO/FPO’s.

If you are beginner in stock market it will be fruitful to invest in IPO/FPO’s. This can be your learning base of stock market. Price of IPO is normally 100 in Nepal Market and usually price of FPO’s are offered at a premium over face value and debenture sell at 1000 while the mutual fund face value are 10 per unit.

2. Invest in Mutual Fund.

Nepal share market is high return platform if you have enough time & knowledge however if don’t have adequate time or adequate knowledge you have to enter in stock market by buying a unit of mutual fund or by taking portfolio management service (PMS) which is managed by the group of expert.

3. Invest in secondary Market as a long Term Investor.

Investing in Nepal share market or secondary market might be good idea but while investing in stock market you have to select best fundamental stock and have to purchase for long term investment. Start by investing in small fund which even you loose, dosen’t effect you & learn the experience along the way.


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