Today Market : What should an investor do? Buy or Sell?


As the market continuously declined for a long time, on Sunday, the first day of the week, the market Increased by 95 points. Disappointed investors have some hope. But investors are wondering the sudden rise in the market is sustainable or not . In this context, we have analyzed the market.

Today Market seems highly volatile and indecision candle shall be formed. The effect of the correction of the previous day’s high score seems to be both positive and negative in today’s market.

Technically how to buy and sell shares in the market today?

Yesterday Candle formed Morning Star as well as the Open Bulish Marobuzu. This means there are positive signs in the market. Today market shall be volatile hence today we have to watch closing of NEPSE, if today market close above 2420 then the next target shall be 2636 or if today closing below 2420 then some correction has been expected.
This means that it would be better for you investors to buy in today’s market by looking at the market conditions towards the end.

Most of the technical indicators seem to indicate that the buy signal.

Both MACD and super trends have signaled as a buy Signal


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