What is a locker facility? What are the benefits?


We can get locker service at the bank where you have your current or savings account. The bank allows you to fill out a form after making the minimum savings as per the rules of the bank. We must fill out the form correctly. When submitting the form, the person in whose name the locker service is to be taken, also needs his citizenship or passport. The bank also asks for a photo.According to the rules of the bank, two or three copies of the photo should be taken. After doing this you will get locker service from the bank. After taking the locker service in this way, the annual amount should be paid on time as per the rules of the bank.

Safe means

We always want to protect our hard earned money. We invest not only in cash but also in other valuable things. Some have bought houses and land, some have invested in gold and silver and some have invested in shares. Concerns about the security of things like real estate and share documents, gold and silver are always. There is a fear of theft when such items are kept in the house. Realizing this need of the general public, banks have been providing locker facility. Banks are responsible for securing important documents and valuables of their customers and charge a fixed fee accordingly.


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